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One of our favourite events is a true Italian wedding.

We have many #traditions which make our weddings memorable and unique. One thing that every Italian wedding needs to have is confetti and Bomboniere. And, no the confetti isn’t something that you are throwing to the bride and groom after they are married. In Italy, this means something completely different.

Here I’ll tell you all about the confetti and Bomboniere of an Italian wedding confectionery, and you will understand why this is such a special tradition that we have.


If you are anything like me, you will want to plan the finest details about a #wedding. Especially when it comes to wedding #confectionery. I find this is true for many people, and this is why you should know more about the confectionery to understand why this is so important.

The confectionery makes for small #gifts and #favours that the #bride and groom give to their guests to say thank you. Thank you for joining them on this special day and thank you for making their day extra special. There are different types of wedding confectioneries that you can consider, and each of them has a special meaning. Especially, when it comes to Italian weddings.


Only true Italians will know the real meaning of confetti and #Bomboniere. But for everyone else, these aren’t really familiar terms to use. To them, confetti means something completely different. But when you discover the Italian meaning, you will want to incorporate it into your wedding.

Confetti in Italian means “candied”. For a wedding, specifically, it refers to sugar-coated almonds. This has a special meaning at a wedding. The almond symbolizes the bitter-sweetness of marriage and the beginning of a new life.

Pack these almonds prettily into Bomboniere: also a special tradition. Bomboniere are normally a little organza or tulle sachet, but much more elaborate fabric, ceramic, metal or even crystal containers exist.

Traditionally, they are filled with a treat. Normally, it is the confetti almond treats, the Italian Classic Almonds, Placed on the guests’ plates. Inside there will be an odd number of candied almonds. The Confetti Milano handmade Italian Almonds have a variety of almond treats that are coated with candy or chocolate. Ideal to use as confetti.


Every bride and groom want to be different. They want to give confetti and Bomboniere that are unique. But, that also has the old, traditional meaning in mind. I like the traditional confetti, but there is no reason why you can change it a bit to fit into your modern wedding.

For example, instead of personal confetti for each guest, you can have different types of almond candy treats in different baskets for the entire table. Still in odd numbers, letting people enjoy different types of candy and chocolates. This can be the meaning of the different stages of a marriage. Confetti Milano treats like the Classic Almonds, Cappuccino, Tiramisu, Stracciatella, Coconut, Vanilla & Raspberry, Lemon and Strawberry can make great confetti.

But if you wish for individual favours, we offer incredibly high quality & hand-made Wedding Favors collections and personalised options. They will make your guests feel extra special and they will match perfectly your wedding theme. Our fully-customizable wedding favors are offered in many different collections: The Italian craft excellence of the Rome Collection, the pure Italian elegance of the Como Lake Collection, the timeless cuteness of the Tuscany Collection and many many more (here)

This is the one thing about Italian weddings that I like most. To see what confetti and Bomboniere the bride and groom come up with. With knowing what the confetti and Bomboniere means, you will understand why this is such an important tradition for us. And now, choosing Confetti Milano, you can consider incorporating it into your own wedding.

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