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Where do your Confetti Milano Italian Almonds come from?

Did you know that every single Italian Almond you have ever had, went on a long journey? All the way from Italy, to your hands. And did you know that this journey is so long, it actually started almost 200 years ago?

So sit back and relax, with your favourite flavoured Italian Almonds, as we embark on our own journey to find out where exactly your favorite Italian Almonds come from…

When we had our original vision for Lavolio, the one that started it all, we knew precisely what we wanted our confectionery to be like. We could see their colours, shapes and textures. But most of all, we could taste them!

So, back to 2016, the first of these long journeys began, our journey to find the right Italian master confectioners that would be capable of bringing my vision to life.

I wasn’t going to settle for the simple and much easier option of mass producing our Italian Almonds. No. They had to have a lot more care put into them, a lot more attention to every single ingredient and certainly a lot more love.

After a few thousand kilometers, a long, arduous and exciting process, meeting with endless producers all over Italy – none of which had the qualities I was looking for – I finally found what I’d seen and tasted in my mind.

A confectionery and pastry making family of artisans with almost 200 years experience!

Our newly found artisan friends work tirelessly to make every single flavour of your favourite flavoured Italian Almonds.

They’re made in enormously heavy copper barrels that hang from high ceilings and are heated from below by braziers.

The barrels must be constantly rotated so that the confectionery inside keeps on rolling.

When we chose my confectioners, I made sure that they would manage to achieve the level of quality we’d looked for for so long, and the secret is in the quality of the products we use. Our gluten-free almonds are very carefully sourced. With the exciting flavour combinations that we have brought to life with Confetti Milano we have been able to maintain tradition whilst knowing how to adapt to the changes in the different international palates.

No wonder that once Confetti Milano came to life, we have grown to find more and more customers not only in NYC, but all over US as well.

So there you are, #family, #tradition, true Italian #flavours and a lot of #love. All part of the journey to get our #Italian Almonds in your hands.

But perhaps this is not a story to be told but a story to be tasted!

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