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It might be said that Italian bomboniere correspond to wedding favors, but it’s not exactly like that.

Yes, like wedding favors they are gifts for wedding guests, a way to thank all those family members and friends who have attended your wedding, but apart from that there are some important differences.

First of all, the size! Wedding favors are often small objects, personalized keepsakes of the event, a little sign of gratitude by the newlyweds, so they can be – for example –  a couple of decorated cookies or of macarons, customized luggage bags, scented bar soaps, little boxes of chocolates or mints, keyholders and so on. They usually respect the theme, style and color palette of the wedding.

Italian bomboniere tend to be bigger and sometimes more precious objects: frames, heart shapes, elegant flowers or pieces of porcelain and so on.

In any case, there is something that can never be missing: The Confetti! As tradition dictates, they're always in the classic variety (The white classic almond: Southern-Italy almonds covered with a very thin sugar layer, so soft and tasty), they are a tradition of Italian weddings. They always accompany each bomboniera, contained in a small tulle or fabric bag. The tradition says they must be five, as they symbolize health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity: five gifts for the future life of the newlyweds.

The bomboniera and the bag or box of confetti are always packed together with a little card with the names of the spouses and the date of the wedding. These packages are always very beautiful and well-finished, decorated with ribbons, bows and artificial flowers.

To make you understand the importance of Italian bomboniere, just think about the fact that there are shops only dedicated to these gift items: these shops provide also confetti of every kind and the service of packing every single item.

Another difference between favors and Italian bomboniere is the way they are distributed to guests: while favors are usually one for each guest, Italian bomboniere are one for each family or couple (single guests obviously receive one piece each!). The witnesses instead (as we have witnesses, and not maid of honor and best man) usually receive a different gift, more important and precious than the bomboniere.

While wedding favors are often placed on tables near the plates (and have sometimes also the function of placeholders), Italian bomboniere are displayed on a specific table and then handed by the spouses to the guests as they take their leave, to express their gratitude for their presence.

Confetti Milano's Italian artisans make and craft hand-made Italian wedding favors, they're little masterpieces that will amaze and impress all your guests. Discover here all the collections!

If you want to give your wedding a more intense “Italian touch” think about giving your guests beautiful bomboniere! We are ready to assist you and to give you useful advice!

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